Ultimate Screen Creator

buzztouch plugin: Ultimate Screen Creator
Version: v4.1
A complete drag-n-drop solution for creating screens on the fly!
works on iOS iOS
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PointerAppGuy30 | 01/02/17 (v4.0)
Works well with 4.0
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Ultimate Screen Creator
Copyright 2014, Chris Ruddell
Introducing the Ultimate Screen Creator - a complete drag 'n drop solution for creating screens on the fly! With this plugin, creating screens for your app has never been easier. Simply add elements onto the screen using the state-of-the-art control panel and drag them into place. With well over 2,000 lines of custom Javascript (and nearly as many lines of Objective-C), this plugin will revolutionize how you setup your app. Once you design your screen for the iPhone, simply click a button to copy the elements to the iPad view. Drag them around, resize them, change their properties, add or subtract. You can even layer elements, overlapping one with another.

Elements that can be added include:
-Segmented Control
-Text Field
-Text View
-Web View

Each element comes with it's own set of properties to adjust. Buttons are special in that an action can be assigned to them. Possible actions include:

-Load Screen --> loads the specified plugin screen
-Save to Device --> Saves all the data to the device (so it can be auto-loaded the next time the screen is launched, or so other plugins can use the data)
-Send to URL --> Sends all the data to the specified URL (e.g., a custom php script)
-Send and Save --> Saves the data and then sends it to the specified URL
-Email form data --> Opens an email compose screen with all of the data pre-populated to send to a specified email address
-Post to Facebook --> Posts a link to the user's Facebook wall (requires the Social Login plugin)
-Post to Twitter --> Posts the specified message as a Tweet to the user's Twitter account (requires the Social Login plugin)
-Take a Photo --> Opens the camera view to take a photo. Image will replace the specified Image element on the screen
-Select Photo from Gallery --> Allows user to select one of their existing photos. Image will replace the specified Image element on the screen

*****Be sure to check out the demo video at: http://youtu.be/5Gj2V1iCDw4 *****

iOS Project

Version History
4.1 - 9/4/17 - Update to address late change in BT core 4.0
4.0 - 1/2/16 - Update for Buzztouch Core 4.0
1.5 - 11/17/14 - Bug fix related to setting segmented control to more than 3 segments on control panel.
1.4 - 8/31/14 - Bug fix related to mis-sized scroll view when coming back to screen from another screen
1.3 - 5/15/14 - Bug fixes related to certain browsers not handling the javascript very well
1.2 - 5/15/14 - Added new button actions: take photo, select photo, email form data
1.1 - 5/14/14 - Added support for screen transitions when loading a new screen; minor bug fixes.
1.0 - 5/12/14 - Initial Release