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buzztouch plugin: QR Reader
Version: v1.91
Display a QR Reader in your app. If the QR Code contains a URL, it will load it in the Custom URL plugin. Otherwise it will look for a screen’s itemId and load that.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
Developer Info
Latest Review
PointerianJamesPiano | 01/09/15 (v1.6)
Well done!! The new version kicks butt! Scanning is so fast and tons of options. Thanks!
More Information
This plugin uses the device’s camera to read QR codes. If the code is a URL, it will load the URL using the Custom URL plugin. If the code contains an itemId of a screen in your app, it will go to that screen.

Users will need to install a third-party QR Reader app to make
this plugin work. When your app is run the first time, the user
will be prompted to install this app (if they have not already
done so), and directed to the page on the Google Play store for
that app. It is a free app, and many users will already have
it installed.

Version History
1.0 - initial release
1.1 - fix issue with Android not displaying correct package name
1.2 - bug fix related to libzbar.a compile issues on iOS
1.3 - Added support for Android 2.2 projects. Also added QRCode Generator to Control Panel
1.4 - Added ability to change button image from Control Panel (1/8/14)
1.5 - Eliminated use of 3rd-party library on iOS. Plugin now requires iOS 7+. (1/9/15)
1.6 - Added option to show an overlay image/text and option to turn flash light on/off (1/9/15)
1.7 - Added advanced, experimental options based on user request (1/9/15)
1.8 - Bug fix for Android where an import statement was missing (2/2/15)
1.9 - More bug fixes for Android (2/2/15)
1.9.1 - Updated iOS compatibility (3/7/22)

iOS Project (Requires iOS7+; BT 3.0+)


Android Project (Requires 3.0+)
This project makes use of open-source ZXing. See http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 for more info.

cr_qr_reader.java IntentIntegrator.java IntentIntegratorSupportV4.java IntentResult.java
cr_qr_down.png cr_qr_up.png


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