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buzztouch plugin: Login Screen
Version: v1.6
Login screens allow you to password protect any screen or menu item. User credentials are authenticated against a list of users in the control panel or a custom script on your website.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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Latest Review
Pointerajparker | 03/04/14 (v1.6)
I'm having a problem with this plugin. first off I'm new to the site which may explain a lot here. The first issue is that I am using a theme background image. The login and logout buttons and labels are set behind the background and therefor not...
More Information
If you password protect any screen in the app you'll need to include this plugin so users
can login. Most app owners use the control panel to manage the list of valid
users. You can also use a custom script on a website to validate users.

iOS Project
1 Objective-C class (a total of 2 files) are needed.
BT_screen_settingsLogIn.m and .h

BT_screen_settingsLogIn.m is a UIViewController with a few text entry controls
and a login / logout button.

Android Project
1 .java class file is needed, 1 layout xml file is needed (a total of 2 files)

screen_settingslogin.java is an Android Activity with a few text entry controls and a
login / logout button. The BT_screen_settingsLogIn.xml file handles the screens layout.

Version History

v1.5     03/14/2012
          Fixed crashing problem related to "filtering" input values.
v1.4     03/02/3012
          Syntax changes to support iOS 6.

v1.3     11/10/2012
          Minor syntax changes to accomodate for Xcode 4.5 compiler warnings.
          Minor changes in .java files to accomodate for Anroid (Google) 2.2 API's compiler warnings.
          Minor UI changes in .php files for control panel.

v1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (historical versions, no change details)


Most folks use the control panel to configure the JSON data for this plugin but it's useful to
see what it may look like.

     "navBarTitleText":"Login Required",
     "labelLogInId":"Email Address",