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12/05/14 06:35 AM (9 years ago)

Navigation Bar Text !!! ANDROID !!! BTv3 self

I just want to change the text color on the Navigation bar for Android, secondary i would like to center it. Anybody know a current way to do it for BTv3 self !!! ANDROID !!! Please do not redirect me to other form, unless you personally know that solution works. I've been looking at the forms for 2 days, searching everywhere and all i found was for Ios, the only android solutions were 2 years old and are not valid anymore.
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12/05/14 05:40 PM (9 years ago)
in android they refer to the navigation bar as "action bar".that will help in future searches.the action bar code is in the bt_activity_host.java file. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18418635/how-to-align-title-at-center-of-actionbar-in-default-themetheme-holo-light http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12387345/how-to-center-align-the-actionbar-title-in-android

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