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Grunts, Groans, Complaints

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no confirmation email
by jual D2 2 years ago
views: 676 replies: 1
last Cakebit 2 years ago
Paid Subscriber - Still Limited to One App
by Kael716 7 years ago
views: 471 replies: 2
last Kael716 7 years ago
Android package not downloading action screens plu...
by appsolutely 7 years ago
views: 396 replies: 3
last CMCOFFEE 7 years ago
Trying to become a monthly subscriber.
by Hunter90 7 years ago
views: 468 replies: 3
last LA 7 years ago
Account renewal!
by Weidies 7 years ago
views: 454 replies: 3
last Weidies 7 years ago
Just when you start winning the rat race, along co...
by SmugWimp 7 years ago
views: 397 replies: 4
last nadthevlad 7 years ago
I'm trying to renew my membership, I promise!
by Calypso Kid 7 years ago
views: 403 replies: 7
last 7 years ago
Global app revenue will double over next four year...
by MacApple 8 years ago
views: 398 replies: 2
last Gorgey 8 years ago
Just the 40k per day, worth getting out of bed for...
by MacApple 8 years ago
views: 459 replies: 6
last Gorgey 8 years ago
:-( I just renewed my membership and lost my years...
by Calypso Kid 8 years ago
views: 476 replies: 6
last Red Dog 8 years ago
please add a support forum
by basement 8 years ago
views: 452 replies: 5
last SmugWimp 8 years ago
Apple Grunt! You may have missed it
by rburns50 8 years ago
views: 546 replies: 0
I have been charged twice for buzztouch
by yenael 8 years ago
views: 494 replies: 9
last CSSZiegler 8 years ago
My newest gripe with Apple
by mutzy 8 years ago
views: 454 replies: 5
last Arubaman 8 years ago
Is the community fading?
by Bonzo 8 years ago
views: 591 replies: 30
last Fingers Crossed 8 years ago
Anyone else find it frustrating?
by maverick96 8 years ago
views: 454 replies: 4
last LA 8 years ago
What's Happening?
by Becky 8 years ago
views: 532 replies: 6
last Susan Metoxen 8 years ago
Can't get ANY new App to work anymore
by ModsterMan 8 years ago
views: 505 replies: 4
last ModsterMan 8 years ago
Grunt...old age sucks
by redspider 9 years ago
views: 479 replies: 4
last Tony @ Buzztouch 9 years ago
Old bugs
by AlanMac 9 years ago
views: 488 replies: 5
last AlanMac 9 years ago
Where in the World is David Book
by LA 9 years ago
views: 603 replies: 6
last LA 9 years ago
first paid app for iOS
by crazy android 9 years ago
views: 454 replies: 3
last chadh0130 9 years ago
Can't create an app
by leenie 9 years ago
views: 484 replies: 1
last SmugWimp 9 years ago
David.. please make me excited about Buzztouch aga...
by epicweb 9 years ago
views: 683 replies: 18
last fusionsch 9 years ago
Yosemite update - Bluetooth problem
by richardemery839 9 years ago
views: 455 replies: 3
last Arubaman 9 years ago
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