Self Hosting

Performance / Availability

Tens of thousands of apps use content that's hosted on the backend. However, there are cases when a self hosted approach makes more sense. Hosting your own apps on your own backend allows you further contol over everything related to your apps backend.


Earning money by creating apps for others then servicing those apps over the long-term can be very profitable. For many, this is the single most important reason to self host. Lots of people earn their living creating mobile apps for themselves and/or for their clients and a self hosted version of Buzztouch is a perfect solution for them.


Self hosting allows you to direct your clients, customers, and colleagues to your own branded control panel without visiting CSS style sheets allow you to customize the interface without much effort.

Multiple Users

The self hosted version of Buzztouch allows you to manage multiple logins and users. This is ideal for businesses where multiple people are managing multiple apps. The control panel does not offer this feature, the self hosted software does.

Custom Code

Leverage special or unique code (custom scripts) not available at In many cases it's necessary to change the functionality of your application by way of a customized backend script. The control panel does not allow you to upload any custom scripts, the self hosted software does.