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Lost but trying
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12/20/13 09:52 AM (10 years ago)

Has anyone used CartoonSmart's Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit? Can an xcode property list be used along with buzz plugins?

I have for a long time wanted to make an interactive kid's storybook to get into the game of app development. I'm a graphic designer and currently have no knowledge of the code necessary to produce these apps. My research led me to http://www.cartoonsmartkits.com/storytellers_kit.php5 with a product that requires no knowledge of coding. It's called Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit. I'm not yet familiar with the lingo so I hope this makes since. From what I understand, it's based on editing a property list file in xcode. WHAT I WANT TO DO is make my app with the Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit and add functionality to it with plugins available through buzztouch. MORE SPECIFICALLY, WHAT I WANT TO DO is make an animated kids interactive storybook that allows the user to take their picture or grab one from their camera roll to import as the character's face. Similar to that of the Starring You books by http://www.storybots.com/ . Does anyone know if this is possible? Am I taking crazy pills? Thank you. -Reouch
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12/20/13 10:53 AM (10 years ago)
i purchased it in the past and it was complicated at that point, more so than using buzztouch. finally, i learned Lua and created an interactive app using the platform: Gideros mobile. You could try Stobe's Storybook plugin and try editing it and making it fun: https://www.buzztouch.com/plugins/plugin.php?pid=756018AE630034228B5B874
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12/20/13 11:21 PM (10 years ago)
Contact Tony via the BuzzTouch.com "About" page and ask him to work with the Cartoon folks to bring it in as an SDK or as a paid Plugin. Give the Cartoon Kit a try. For $40, it's a worthwhile experiment. Also, download some of he apps made with that Kit to judge if the results are what you desire. -- Niraj
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01/16/14 12:24 AM (10 years ago)
Cartoonsmart makes some good stuff, never seen this one, I'll have to give it a look.

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