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05/15/18 08:40 AM (6 years ago)

Android memory problem

Hi, I had to implement 2 specific features into an app for a client (taking photo with an overlay mask, uploading the image to a sftp-server). I had done the iOS part rather quickly, but decided to outsource the implementation of these 2 specific features for Android. I found a very good Android programmer who was able to find and implement corresponding libraries... There is one problem remaining. After I take one photo and upload it to the server the app crashes due to memory problems. My programmer told me: "Regarding memory problems, this is result of buzz app configuration - keeping images in "drawable" folder., instead of size dependent (drawable-xhdpi, drawabale-xxhdpi etc) which results in loading big images on devices with small screen and low memory and thus outofmemory issues. In order to resolve this, unfortunately, part of the app has to be refactored,...". So my question is... has someone of you faced similar memory problems with images/photos on Android? In a different app I had much more image-storage requirements and solved those problems by using the picasso library. This seemed to solve the memory problems. My programmer summarized "My opinion is, if you need rock solid app it needs a bit more intervention on buzz code.". Would you agree that the general buzz code to handle images is a problem that prevents us from having "rock solid apps"? Best wishes Thomas
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05/17/18 11:27 AM (6 years ago)
ive always had problems with image sizes with android, as my apps are usually image rich,but ive got by by reducing image size and , increasing memory in the app and making sure android is using ( use large heap option) Thanks Sean

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