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buzztouch Evangelist
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08/02/14 05:45 AM (9 years ago)

AppTransformer for iOS version?

Hi guys, Just wondering if there was a way to have the AppTransformer plugin automatically choose which JSON file to load simply by the iOS version. I'm redesigning one of my apps to a more updated iOS 7 look, but for iOS 6 users, I want to retain the older look (which I actually prefer). I know I could use the Launch Screen plugin, but then I would have to rebuild the entire app just for this screen, because all the other screens linked to the main menu would have to be changed. It would just be easier to use the AppCopier and AppTransformer to load a different design.
buzztouch Evangelist
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08/02/14 06:56 AM (9 years ago)
Its completely do-able. But you'd have to do a little "hacking" of your own. Without looking at the source code, my first thought would be to find what "property" is set by the BT core when it determines the ios version (should be easy to find with search). Then in the AppTransformer code, put in a little if-then statement based on that property, and assign a different configToUse preference. Hope this helps. If you need more concrete help, just let me know. -Stobe

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