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04/22/15 11:52 AM (9 years ago)

Offline pins on offline maps.

I've seen Smugwimps excellent plugin, I see others that allow for pinning locations, even making comments and such. But from what I can tell all pinning plugins require online maps to work. Do any work with Smugwimps offline maps? Could or would any of those make it possible to sync pins to a central database/website? IE: people travel to an area, disconnected, make pins and notes, and when they are connected later, those new pins and notes upload and sync.
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04/22/15 02:25 PM (9 years ago)
There are 'pins' included in my offline map plugin, but you can easily replace them if you wish... The biggest thing would mostly be identification. the files included are 'marker-red.png', 'marker-blue.png', and so on... If you wanted to change markers 'the easy way', the best thing to do would be to choose your pin, rename it 'marker-red.png' or something that is 'already' in the plugin, so that substitution could be relatively painless. If it's already in the downloaded package, you would change them there. Both the BT Location Map, and my Offline Map Kit aren't really built for 'user defined locations' other than what is in the control panel, but if you wanted 'your own' settings, that can be done; it would require some code and configuration modifications. With respect to saving/syncronizing locations, that 'can' be done, but it is not a native trait. Basically you would use NSUserDefaults, and when near a network, use 'iCloud' for syncronization. Again, this is custom stuff, because each use case is a little different... but it can be done. Hope this helps explain a little. And welcome to Buzztouch! Excellent first post! Cheers! -- Smug

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