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Aspiring developer
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05/30/13 03:28 PM (10 years ago)

Images as Buttons

Anyone know how to create buttons with custom images. I want to create a button menu that displays specific images, when tapped, will pop a page that describes the image. For example, if I had a button that looked like a Harley Davidson Pan-Head, once tapped it displays a HTML page that describes the image in detail. I need at least 7 images as buttons on one display page.
buzztouch Evangelist
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05/30/13 03:38 PM (10 years ago)
You can use the button menu as the page with the images, and then for the button icon, you literally just specify a particular image. Check out the control panel for that plugin...it's pretty easy. I use that as the main menu for my OVFPS app. Mark
Niraj Shah
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06/01/13 10:48 PM (10 years ago)
Oro Valley First Person Shooter app? Hahaha -- just kidding! :-)

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